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jdtiede 05-16-2003 09:53 AM

Former MS Access programmer
I got disgusted with Access and moved to Delphi, but was unhappy with the database managers available and with Windows. Started working with Linux over two years ago; only this week got my ADSL connection working with Linux (bought a SpeedStream 5360 modem thru eBay). Upgraded PostgreSQL to 7.3.2 and it worked for a few days, now won't. While PGSQL 7.2 was working, couldn't get Kylix 3 to connect with it. Once I get these things fixed and decide whether to use QuickBooks under Wine or to switch to Moneydance, I'll be virtually free of Windows 2000, which I have never been able to dual boot for very long--have it on old computer now. Solving the ADSL problem has been a major boost in my Linux usage (RH 8.0 at present).

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