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bingodeville 07-16-2004 06:59 PM

Finally took the plunge, this time w/out checkin the temperature
Howdy folks, Long time computer techie, just never got into Linux until now, never knew anyone to show me the beginner's ropes so to speak. I finally got the courage to try it again, I bought a copy of Mandrake 7.1 three months ago from a flea market vendor, never opened box for $5.. I installed it on a spare computer that I'm going to turn into a home server (dual pentium 2 300mhz 256mb ram pure scsi system) but didn't get very far with it. Anyways, I work in I.T in a factory doing desktop/hardware and remote support and local server administration on Windows 9x/2k/xp systems on a NT4/2k Server setup. I've had windows desktop OS's down pat for a while and i'm learning the server admin, but I've gotten really interested in the Unidata/Unix server they use for keeping up with production, scrap etc, and with a fellow employee's knowlege of command line Unix, I decided to blow away my windows xp system at home and go Linux. I grew up in DOS with the command line interface, and I still use cmd/command in Win9x/2k/xp machines out of habit. I decided my next step to learn would be Linux :)

I installed Mandrake 7.1 on my system, and my sound didn't work and I was trying to get my Geforce 3 DDR card to work right. I got my hands on the Mandrake 10 Community installation package and installed it last night, after completely destroying all hints of 7.1 . It installed for the most part with no problems after i fixed a minor hardware flaw (which iI'll post in the mandrake forum for anyone else to search in case someone finds a similar problem). It detected my onboard sound, my geforce 3 and connected to the internet via dialup modem all with ease. With, and Google being my seeing-eye-dog, I'm hoping to not need Windows for nothing other than job security.. unless I go towards some Linux Admin certifications ;)

Anyways, sorry for the long post..

Peace out and happy Linux'ing

jailbait 07-17-2004 02:42 PM

Glad to have you aboard. Your first install sounds like my first install about 4 years ago.

Steve Stites

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