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>>BLACKHOLE<< 06-27-2006 05:49 PM

Enter Linux : My journey begins!
Hello everyone-

This is my first post on this excellent forum. I've been browsing it for sometime now and it seems to be most informative, which is very important. Many forums lack this quality. There seems to be alot of members here who really know there stuff! [and they dont mind sharing knowledge]
It's going to be a good thing being part of a community which has so many talented intelligent people!!

A little about myself

I,ve been involved in computers for several years now, and have found it to be quite enjoyable. My first computer was a gateway pentium 3/ 256 Megs of Ram/ 40-Gig HD running win-me 98, So i got into the field kind of late, hey better late then never i suppose. :)
Anyway, I also enjoy art and reading, these two things are what I've always done and loved scince childhood.
For the past 2 years I've been mainly focused on
Technology and study which i admit is very time consuming, but when one seeks knowlegde time is of no concern.
My latest venture is taking the giant leap from windows to linux. I just recently installed Mandriva on one of my boxes, and it was quite a bit of a challenge. Im looking forward to learning all the cryptic commands and ins and outs of the operating system. So yall will definitly see me around the boards as i start my new journey into linux.


My current hardware implementations:

BOX1-self built+
MOBO-ABIT-FATAL1TY/ AA8XE-hyperthreading
MEM-4Gig potential- but only 1gig installed-
MOBO-NOT SURE /still googling
MEM-1Gig potential- 256 Megs installed-
O.S-MANDRIVA-Linux 2006

>>BLACKHOLE<< + No knowledge or information can withstand my dense gravitational pull<<

~in order to reach the glory of enlightment
one must first tread the void of darkness~
(-_+) 2006 >>BLACKHOLE<<

Cogar 06-27-2006 06:01 PM

Great intro! Welcome to LQ, >>BLACKHOLE<<. :)

rkelsen 06-27-2006 06:45 PM


Originally Posted by >>BLACKHOLE<<
No knowledge or information can withstand my dense gravitational pull

We'll hold you to that.

Linux will test you.

Oh, and welcome. :D

Mara 06-29-2006 04:04 PM

Welcome! Have a nice stay :)

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