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m00t00 09-06-2004 02:04 PM

Hey. Im m00. The t00 is so as not to get banned from various irc chans because of a different m00. =P.

Anyway, Im no Linux newbie. Ive tried out a fair few distros, including _all_ of the big distros (IE: gentoo, redhat, slackware, mandrake, fedora, debian, etc.), and many of the smaller ones (IE: Crux, Arch Linux, Immunix, Devil Linux, etc.). I also use NetBSD, have tried OpenBSD, and am in the process (as I type) of downloading FreeBSD. I work in security, and have many years of experience there. I know: C, C++ (and Qt), Perl, PHP, Java (Only to pass a test), ASM (x86), Bash, Tcsh, HTML, and CSS.

Thats it I guess...

DrOzz 09-06-2004 03:21 PM

welcome to m00 ;)
i'm sure your knowledge will
be helpful for sharing with others :p

m00t00 09-06-2004 05:21 PM

Thank you. Im glad to be back here. I liked this place last time I was here, but I got busy. Added note that I forgot to mention, me and a few friends are working on a distribution called 1337nix. Its gonna rock ass. We hope. Mabye. =]

DrOzz 09-06-2004 05:49 PM

well good luck with that ... remember to keep us posted with your successes

m00t00 09-06-2004 05:53 PM

Thanks, we'll need it. Were on the verge of completing our first semi-beta-alpha-ish version, ill keep you posted... =]

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