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biggreennmean 04-23-2009 10:48 AM

bgnm has entered the building.
Hey all,

Been viewing for yrs. Decided to register in celebration of Slackware 12.2. Ahhh... the smell of fresh install. I'm a GNUb of sorts but I know what I like.

After all this time I still don't have a question that hasn't already been asked here (most times other's questions answer mine indirectly) and I doubt I know enough to help someone so you probably wont get much more than the occasional opinion from me unless you ask me something directly.

Lastly, thanks for the site. As stated above this is where I get 98% of my answers when I get stumped. I wish I had more to offer but unless you need a goat or some eggs, a tow perhaps if you are broke down in Golden Valley, there really isn't much I can do (More reasons I neglected to register <- doesn't like being a mooch :) ). But answers here helped me with some X probs and network things and I wanted to say thanks cause I'm really enjoying Slack12.

monsm 04-23-2009 10:54 AM

Welcome (as registered) user of LQ!

The questions here are of a very wide range of difficulties, so most likely you can answer some of more basic ones already :)


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