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RodimusProblem 01-09-2005 07:06 AM

Bah Weep Grana Weep Ninibong!
(Obviously a fan of G1 Transformers ;) )

I've always been a computer geek. Back in the mid 80's the school I went to had computer as a required course. Granted Apple ][ 's aren't that great, but it was enough to gain my interest.

In January 2004 I bought a copy of Red Hat 9.0 since I'd been hearing so much about Linux from friends online. Red Hat was the distro I'd seen plastered everywhere so I assumed it would be good.

Bad move IMO.

From the 2-hour-long install to the glitchy behavior to the track record that makes Windows' record of crashes and BSoD look attractive, Red Hat was a bad distro to start out with.

I stayed in XP, booting into Red Hat to attempt to get it working a bit more maybe once a week.

I learned a handful of little tricks, but overall Red Hat made me glad I used Windows.

In November 2004 I started coming across more discussions about how good Linux was. They were talking about distros I'd never heard of. I asked about these distros and was sent to (where I found out they were available for free :mad: ). . I burned a LiveCD of Feather Linux and began investigating.

These distros were SO different than Red Hat. Many recognized my abnormal set of hardware -- Red Hat didn't do that well.

I ended up hooked on Knoppix, and one thing lead to another.

In total I have 5 OSs on this computer. I would like to see that total rise to 8, so I'm still poking around for more Distros that are worth their salt.

I reinstalled Red Hat on hda7 so I could try to figure out what the heck went wrong with it.

I do program a bit, but as both my compilers have Linux ports I only need to learn new API instead of the quirks of new compilers and the new API.

And as often as I visit "General" I never before spotted this subforum. :rolleyes:

jailbait 01-09-2005 11:23 AM

Welcome to LinuxQuestions.

"In total I have 5 OSs on this computer. I would like to see that total rise to 8, so I'm still poking around for more Distros that are worth their salt."

You should try BSD.

Steve Stites

0pal_t0ad 01-14-2005 01:42 PM

u didn't actually name the distros u have already, so just in case u haven't tried it yet u should definitely give gentoo a go. It might be one of the hardest to install, but once it's going you never have to worry about about dependancy issues when compiling source code because it has like a script based package system which downloads everything u need, then proceeds to extract and compile it for you! no more 'tar xzvf xxx_zzz.tar.gz', 'cd xxx_zzz', './configure'...aaaaah fsck! can't find xyz_zzz! 'tar xjpf xyz_zzz.tar.bz2', 'cd xyz_zzz", './configure'.....FSCK!! FSCK!! FSCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHY MEEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!......ok, maybe that's a bit drastic, but u what KNOW what i mean ;)

it HAS to be THE best distro in the world! and anyone that uses it will agree.

rusty_slacker 01-14-2005 04:51 PM

what r u talking about? APPLE ][s are AWESOME! and welcome, man. if you don't have slack, you should try it. if you are still sort of a noob, go suse! and freebsd, like jailguy said.

ghazz 01-14-2005 08:55 PM

I vaguely remember the Apple ][, but my grade school days were a blur to begin with!!! ;)


patfogle 01-22-2005 11:29 AM

I like Mandrake.... They have a very user friendly install program (that lets you install individual pacakages without going into custom mode), and it's very stable.. KDE has issues, so I use GNOME (like it's looks better anyways).

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