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KnoppixRox 10-10-2021 01:50 AM

Back after 16 years!
Wow I didn't even intend to come across this profile of mine from when I was 14 and just getting into linux. I joined in 2005 to ask a question about a live cd I was using to bypass my parents parental controls on teh internet pr0n.

I've lived a pretty crazy life since 2005. Its crazy to think of all the different websites that have gone defunct since 2005.... or all the different technology that not only was cutting edge, but now obsolete...

-People were worried about redbox killing off blockbuster.... which it did and now Netflix (&related streaming websites) are killing off the DVD.
-Myspace was all the rage with 5 profile pictures (although summer of 2005, 300 came out and Myspace promoted it by allowing us 300 pictures)
-Facebook was only used at universities, you also needed a university email in order register. I registered in 2005 (profile still exists and I someonetimes use it.. rarely though..) when I was 14 years old by SE'ing a network atdmin at the local UNI. Pretended to be a dumb new student who lost my credentials and then played dumb when they couldnt find me and had to create a new email....
-News online took hours to update... (no one had a smartphone [except for those few who had a razr with 3G mobile data (it loaded so slow and looked so bad on those old LCD screens).

Any old members from way back?

EDIT: Link to video on Twitter showing the date of my last log in (highly doubt I need even this much proof, but if questioned and the mods want to verify my last login date before today...)

ondoho 10-10-2021 04:03 AM

Well, you having registered in 2005 is enough proof for me.

Welcome back!

I started using Facebook in 2007 (it was open to the world by then). It seemed like such a good idea... "social" media... sigh.
I stopped using FaceBook ~2015 and deleted my account last year.

linustalman 10-10-2021 09:38 AM

Greetings, KR, and welcome back to LQ! :hattip:

14 years is a long time!

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