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snmcdonald 02-06-2013 11:17 AM

How to Create a BIOS Flash USB Stick (Non-Linux Vendor Utilities)
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How to Create a BIOS Flash USB Stick (Non-Linux Vendor Utilities)



Most vendors do not provide support for Linux, which can be especially difficult when you want to update your BIOS.

I will be providing two methods for upgrading you BIOS.

1. FreeDOS
2. Windows PE

The first option is for DOS utilities and the second is for Windows utilities. I recommend the first unless you are forced to use a Windows executable from your vendor




GlennsPref 02-06-2013 06:44 PM

Great job, thank you!

Regards Glenn

AwesomeMachine 03-31-2013 06:13 PM

Not A Good Way To Make The DOS USB Drive
If I may add something, you can get the freedos floppy image here:

The easier method works with both CD and USB.


user@linux # gunzip FDOEM144.gz
user@linux # mkdir ./dos
user@linux # mount FDOEM144 dos -t msdos
user@linux # cp BiosFlashUtility.exe ./dos/
user@linux # cp biosImage.bin ./dos/
user@linux # umount ./dos
user@linux # dd if=./FDOEM144 of=/dev/usb_flash_drive_device/

Then, just boot from the USB drive and run the bios-flash program. The file name can vary from one bios to another, so it's just an example.

Making the DOS CD is the same except for the dd command. Instead, use these commands:


user@linux # genisoimage -o biosflash.iso -b FDOEM144
user@linux # wodim dev=/dev/sr0 -sao ./biosflash.iso

I admire the effort and creativity in the original answer, but I think this is the way to go.

And, WIN PE is not approved by Microsoft for use as a stand-alone operating system. It requires no stretch of the imagination to conceive of Microsoft Corporation building a motherboard bricking function into Win PE just to discourage it's use for that purpose.

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