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scuzzman 02-25-2006 06:59 PM

DISCUSSION: Slackware/Qemu with internet HOW-TO
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Allow me to start by saying this is a very simple process if you have an iptables script configured, so fear not. Also, although this may be Slackware-specific in parts, it's because of that reason that this information can be (relatively) easily ported to other distributions. My host (real) setup: Slackware Linux with kernel 2.6.9 Client: Windows 2000 Pro Qemu: Version 0.8.0 If you've not gotten it installed, you'll need qemu installed on your distribution of choice. You'll need to create an image on your hard-drive for the virtual machine to use as a hard-drive. To do this, I used qemu-img. It was actually quite simple:

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