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NNP 03-09-2006 03:25 PM

DISCUSSION: NNP's Quick and Dirty Linux Kernel Compilation Guide
This thread is to discuss the article titled:
NNP's Quick and Dirty Linux Kernel Compilation Guide


<h4 align="center">NNP's Quick and Dirty Linux Kernel Compilation Guide</h2>
Author: NNP
Date: 6th March 2006

"Who am I? I am but the sum of my experiences..and today I am more than I was yesterday" - Terrabyte
Introduction Welcome, I'm assuming that in coming here you've made the decision to have a go at compiling and using a new kernel so I won't go into the numerous reasons to make this decision. Compiling and setting up a kernel for the first time can be a daunting task even for users who are comfortable in everyday Linux use so I hope this guide will make the process a little easier and help get your new kernel up and running as fast as possible. Before I go on I must mention a few things, firstly if you are new to Linux or looking to get started then you are probably in the wrong place. I would recommend going to and grabbing one of the distros from there which come with preconfigured kernel source's and nice graphical installers. They contain all you will need and there is a flavour for all users. Secondly, this guide is exactly what it claims to be, "Quick and dirty", (and not in _that_ way you perv :P ). I assume a level of competency with basic Linux commands and the environment. Also I wanted to keep this guide as short as possible so I won't be going into specific parts of the kernel or troubleshooting methods should something go wrong. If you need further assistance (although you shouldn't) check out the references section at the end of this document which explain the process in detail. Now, on with the show.....

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