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talLinux 09-04-2005 02:13 PM

DISCUSSION: Booting Windows on second HD with Grub
This thread is to discuss the article titled: Booting Windows on second HD with Grub

swaroopadusumilli 11-10-2005 01:16 PM

I am new to this forum.

I have a weird problem with dual booting windows xp and RH9.0.
My configuration:
hda - 256G IDE PATA drive - /boot and swap space installed
hdb - 256G IDE PATA drive - RH9.0 / installed
SATA in RAID Configuration - Windows XP installed.

my system came originally with sata drive with windows xp installed. Better way to install RH9.0 is on secondary drive, hence went in and bought 2 256G IDE drives and installed RH9.0 on them. That's it I could only see hda and hdb from which Linux could be loaded. SATA drive cannot be seen at all and hence windows cannot be booted.

I followed the method of editing GRUB loader and edited for correct DOS path. But RH9.0 does not even see the sata drive.

I thought i would go into system setup (F2 during computer boot) and try to change boot sequence, but it does not allow me to change it. the order is:
Primary Master Hard Drive - hda
Primary Slave Hard Drive -hdb
Hard Disk C: (SATA drive)

please i need help in havind boot ability both windows xp and RH9.0


dsnuggs 01-03-2006 07:34 AM

Grub Sata & Ide
Hi swaroopadusumilli.

I have a simular problem with my Windows ME not booting from GRUB, which I'm trying to sort out.

Does your mobo have the facility to press F8 at boot-up, and select which drive to boot from?
Also, does GRUB or Linux not see your SATA drive as a 'sda' drive?

If you have F8 facility, then for the present you can boot into windows that way, until your problem is sorted out.

Also, what make of PC have you got?
If it's something like DELL, then I believe you have a BIG problem. :tisk:

When I find out how to get over my problem, (Error 25), then I will let you know the answer. It may help you with your problem.

desooch 01-16-2006 07:37 PM

i think as a newbie, you may have to accept defaults at installation of rh9.
your solution (for a newbie) is to reinstall rh9.
did you or somebody else did the installation of rh9?
fix first your mbr by booting into the winxp cd, select recover then fixboot, (i always do fixboot and fixmbr) then reboot. and my winxp is back. once i know my computer can boot winxp then i reinstall rh9 always being careful on the fdisk portion of the installation (where i have to partition and set the root partition, the /boot partition, and the swap partition

rbad 06-13-2006 12:25 PM

Thank You soooo much :D

Originally Posted by talLinux
This thread is to discuss the article titled:]Booting Windows on second HD with Grub[/url]

O' my, after of hours of googling and 3 installs of both OS's windows xp and suse 10.1. This one link took care of my problem duel booting the 2 OS's in like 2 mins. Im a complete noob to linux, and cant thank the guy enough on supplying this artical and/or for writing it.
Thank You :D Thank You :D Thank You :D Thank You :D Thank You :D Thank You :D Thank You :D Thank You :D

Sorry for the spam just wanted to express my happyness :D

Hehehe so noob that i cant post links yet :(

NoobieDoobieDo 02-13-2007 09:37 AM

Worked for me but had to add a few more commands

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