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NoUse4ANick 04-04-2006 01:52 PM

DISCUSSION: Bluetooth on a Dell 600m laptop
This thread is to discuss the article titled:
Bluetooth on a Dell 600m laptop


Everyone that has bluetooth on their laptop knows how hard it is to pair their mouse with their distro. They probably have read multiple howto's on the subject with little or no success. Well in this 'how to' I'm going to show you how I got my laptop to talk to a non-Microsoft/Logitech bluetooth mouse. I am personally running Gentoo, so the actual unpacking/installing of each file will be left up to the user and their distro. I would highly recommend that IF you are doing a fresh install of a distro that you tell it to include bluetooth support (go through it and select EVERY option for bluetooth). If you are doing a patch, then go into your .config file and edit the 'BT' section then recompile your kernal, I'll just go over here and wait while you do that.....

zimon 10-28-2006 05:47 AM


Originally Posted by NoUse4ANick
This thread is to discuss the article titled:
Bluetooth on a Dell 600m laptop

I'd rather have authorization and encryption on, also with mouse and especially with a bluetooth keyboard.

The changes I need to make to the instructions of the article above, in hcid.conf file are these:

security auto;
# instead of user

lm accept,master;
# instead of just accept

auth enable;
encrypt enable;

Connecting the mouse works first time by pressing the "pairing button" on the mouse (in the bottom of my Epox mouse) and right after that on the host:
# hidd --search should find the mouse HW bluetooth address and will ask a PIN code in a dialog window (the PIN code for my EPoX Bluetooth mouse is "1234")

Latter times the mouse will autoreconnect after the sleep mode just by clicking the left or the right mouse button.

After that, the connection looks something like this:
$ hcitool con
< ACL 00:04:61:XX:XX:XX handle 40 state 1 lm MASTER AUTH ENCRYPT

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