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Geneset 10-02-2007 06:10 PM

WPA enterprise radius authentication certificate problems
My uni has an internal wireless network, as most do. Usual windows lovvin applies, Comp Services "dont support Linux", so theres no point in even approaching them.(they dont support mac either but for some reason the macs just work)
For winXP, everything is run thru a client program called odyssey, but its not just the regular odyssey off the funk software site, so i can assume there is a certificate embedded in the program.

From what i can tell, its a standard radius based authentication with certificates and naturally using my uni login to get access beyond that.

xsupplicant (Ubuntu 7.04) has many many options but there are a few things im really asking about.

1:What is the best way of finding out what the actual network arrangement and authentication systems in place while im on the windows side of my dual boot?

2:How can i export the university signed certificate into a format that xsupplicant can understand (i know windows has a couple of options for export but they're well over my head)

3:Which of the myriad of options that xsupplicant provides are relevant to my situation.

I have been going around various forums (forum?, fora?, what is the plural of forums) and this is not a rare problem and appears to be a major stumbling block to linux adoption among young impressionable students, so if a soultion is found I'll be posting a how-to on a couple of forums about it (giving credit of course.

Thanks Guys

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