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SCX 08-30-2004 10:57 AM

wireless USB network adapter in debian
Hi! I have a wireless usb network adapter that I am uncertain has linux/debian support. Is it possible to use wireless usb net adapters using debian? Is there a generic driver package that may work and has anyone else been able to succesfully install and configure a usb wireless in debian? Any help will be greatly appriciated!

I purchased my wireless net cards from

This is my PCMCIA card on my laptop TP600E
h t t p : / / w w w . d a b s . c o m / u k /
*excuse the fragmented link but it needs to be there despite being a noob*

802.11b 11Mbps PCMCIA
manufacturer code EW710/GWAE06
quicklinx 2MBCWS
dabspoints 15

The card on my Celeron 1.2ghz is a usb version of my pcmcia as far as im aware its like the usb dabs value card. Its no longer listed in dabs.

Basically im trying to setup my debian webserver using my wireless network.
My ISP is uk NTL and i have a linksys wireless router and a TP600e and a celeron 1.2mhz machine. I dont mind which i manage to succeed with however succeed i must! The laptop I thought about using VMware Virtual machine to install debian inside my winXPpro install on my laptop. It has a pcmcia wireless netcard. However i have no idea if my wireless hardware is debian compatable. Is it even possible to have a usb wireless network card running in debian? If not then will I be able to somehow link the windows network connection through my debian virtual machine? Help with this would be really apriciated!

ok im looking at the usb wireless netcard stick and all it says on it is: Edimax Wireless USB Adapter with an LED saying LNK/ACT

The windows driver install files are called EW-7117u and the installed driver is called (ZD1201)IEEE 802.11b USB Adapter.

Note: on the install cd is a EW-7115u folder that contains a linux subfolder. There is no linux subfolder on the EW-7117u.

david_ross 08-30-2004 01:54 PM

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