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mister_math 08-06-2003 01:50 PM

wireless router to wireless router connection questions
My setup is as follows:
DSL modem connected to D-Link Wireless router (DI-614+), let's call this router 1.

This router has been configured and works. When I connect router 1 to this computer, let's call it computer 1, with a cable, I can get on the Internet with no problem (that's how I'm posting this message).

However, I have a second computer and a second wireless router, (Netgear MR814) let's call it router 2. I want to have router 1 send wireless information to router 2, which will then be connected to computer 2 by cable. But when I try to configure router 2, it always says it's not connected because it's not plugged in to the DSL modem. The only instructions that come with the router assume it will be sending, not receiving, wireless signals.

How should I set up router 2 so that it receives wireless signals from router 1? What do I need to set up in router 1?

Thanks for any help.

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