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SBL 02-16-2004 03:42 PM

Wireless NIC card with good linux support?
I'm going to be removing Windows from my dad's computer soon in place of some flavor of Linux (probably Gentoo since it's my favorite) and I need advice on shopping for wireless NIC cards. I'm going to need 2, one for my desktop machine and one for his (desktop) as well as a router. Admittedly, I don't know much about setting up a wireless network, but I need a model with solid support in Linux which won't be too much of a hassle to set up. I'd prefer personal experience so if someone could give me a quick run-down, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

pilot1 02-16-2004 03:55 PM

Will you be using 802.11a, b, or g?
For 802.11b, the Linksys Wireless USB adapter (WUSB11 v2.6) works great for me, you just have to write a few init scripts to load the driver with insmod, and so that you don't have to manually set the SSID/channel/encryption/etc everytime the computer starts.

SBL 02-16-2004 04:06 PM

I'm thinking of going with 802.11b.

david_ross 02-18-2004 03:07 PM

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