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Bagleemo 01-10-2004 11:38 AM

Wireless network sniffer software for linux?
I'm running Red Hat 9.0 on a laptop with an ADM 8211 wireless card - it all works great on my home networks with known conditions, although that took a little work.
I just found out my local coffee shop has a wireless network thats open to the public. I messed around a bit with my config and couldn't connect, and the guy behind the coffee bar didn't know any details.

Is there a piece of network sniffing software I could get that would alert me to the available wireless networks and let me jump on the ones that are open to the public? If not, is there a general configuration I should add to my wireless profile? I note I always have to choose a channel in the wireless networking config section, and that seems like it will limit my possibilites if I can set up only one profile per channel.

XavierP 01-10-2004 12:00 PM

Kismet may do the job.

Or Airsnort or WaveStumbler.

Hope that's helpful.

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