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fukawi2 06-23-2007 02:25 AM

Wireless Network - Point to Point Bridge
I know this isn't directly Linux related, but everyone here is so helpful so I hope someone will help me...

My situation is I want to move my servers and test boxes etc to my shed due to lack of room in the house. I want to do this via a Point to Point Wireless Bridge (I think) because the shed in 80meters away with driveways, gardens and pool between it and the house so I can't run a CAT5 cable between the 2.

I currently have a Netgear WG602v2 WAP that provides network connectivity to laptops:

My questions are:
1) Can I buy another WG602 and set it up in Bridged Mode to the existing WAP without reconfiguring the existing WAP? Or do I need 2 WAP's at the house end - one to serve the laptops as a WAP and one to bridge to the shed.
2) Do I need to run the 2 wired networks (house and shed) on different network IP networks (ie, 192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x)?

Hope someone will help me :)

fukawi2 07-08-2007 10:19 PM

Can anyone throw me a bone on this one? :(

jschiwal 07-08-2007 10:59 PM

Their advertising indicate that you can. You will want to read your manual or manual pdf for the router. If it acts like a bridge, then you probably don't need to run both sites on different subnets. Double check their documentation to be sure. The main router may be what supplies the DHCP and NAT functions anyway so it the hosts in the shed are configured to use DHCP, they will probably be set the way they need to be. I don't know if the two operate on a different frequency (or dual frequencies). Before you buy another router, why don't you see if the range of the first router is good enough. You may not need a second one.

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