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sambartle 01-30-2005 04:37 AM

Wireless Laptop to Wired ethernet via Linux PC (wired/wireless)
I'm trying to use my linux desktop machine to allow my wireless laptop to connect to the internet, check mails and otherwise use the wired network (which the linux pc is connected to) over a wireless connection the laptop also needs to be able to access ssh and other services on the desktop machine so i dont want all traffic passed over just that not for the specific ip.

The Linux Desktop has:
Wired Ethernet (eth0) - Some realtek cheapo card
Wireless Ethernet (wlan0) - ndiswrapper using a Netgear WG121 USB adapter
The Wired Ethernet uses DHCP to get its ip and the correct gateway settings to get out onto the internet from this PC. IP:
The Wireless connection is set to use ip and Ad-Hoc mode

I can connect using the laptop to the linux desktop over wireless in Ad-Hoc mode and access anything on the desktop as usual however the desktop will not route traffic to other ip's or via the gateway to the internet on the wired side of its connection.

I think i need to tell the machine to pass any traffic from the wireless card that is not destined for the desktops ip address over onto the wired ethernet and let the gateway decide what to do with it but i dont know how to do this.

I think im making an ethernet bridge or some kind of routing system but im not entirely sure that will do what i want or how to acheive it.

Apologies for the long winded explanation but this is starting to drive me insane and so i'm hoping someone will be able to provide some clues as to how i can get this working.

Many Thanks,

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