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lawadm1 06-15-2004 11:37 AM

Wireless-G and WPA encryption ??
RH9 2.4.20-8 (i think)

Has anyone had any luck setting up a PC with a Linksys Wiress card (Wireless-G), and getting it to work with a Wireless-G router (WRT54G) that uses WPA encryption?

I tried to search for other threads with WPA, but the ones I found had 0 replies. Maybe that answers my question, but I thought I would try anyway.


crazibri 06-19-2004 05:03 PM

Hi Jeff,
I use the WRT54G router at home with an HP wireless laptop using WPA encryption. I use WPA on WinXP and on SuSe9.1. I just got my Suse WPA working a week ago. I use drivers. It took me a while to figure it out but there's another posting on here where I posted instructions with what i did using WPA.

Hope this helps!

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