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Pinkdog 11-14-2003 09:46 PM

wireless driver
Hello all,

I have slackware 9 installed on my laptop, with the bare.i kernel. I installed everything all 2gigs, full install. After installation my wireless card was detected and installed. How do i find out which driver its using? its a dell truemobile 1150. The reason i asked is because i recompiled my kernel with acpi support. after that my wireless card stopped working, and wasnt detected


e1000 11-14-2003 10:33 PM

well, I dont know what kind of card you have or on what interface, but some good general purpose drivers can be found at thats what I use for my USB 802.11b connection, download the latest version (0.2.1 pre9) and it should document the instalation procedure pretty well in the readme, it worked for me!

Just be sure what you have has the prism2 chipset, check their compatability list.

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