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rlee923 01-09-2007 10:13 AM

What's after connecting to an essid using iwconfig?

I've tried to get this working over a year now, but this time I am trying with FC6 instead of FC4.

All the installation went fine, but initially, I had the error message saying that it cannot find device and it's delaying the initialisaiton.
So I searched the forum and found the commands to update the drivers.

Also I did modprobe, and I edited one of the configuration file.

so I got up to a stage where if I type

iwconfig eth1 essid "essidname"

and no error messages come up.

At the moment I am currently overseas so I don't have my wireless router with me, so I can't really check whether it works or not at the moment.

I think I got up to this stage before with FC4 as well, and I never got it to work.

So I was wondering whether I should do anything extra after this.

I'll be going back on the 13th so, maybe I should wait first....

Any help will be much appreciated.


stress_junkie 01-09-2007 10:31 AM

If your wireless access point/router uses encryption then you will need the WPA Supplicant module/driver. If your distro has this available through a software package repository then you are in luck. Otherwise this could turn into a nightmare and a hobby.

Once you have WPA Supplicant installed you have to configure it. Most of the documentation talks about creating a permanent configuration. This is fine if you only use your computer in one location but notebooks are mobile. If you want to use your notebook in different places then you will want to install a wifi configuration tool that can discover wifi networks and create a connection on demand. I don't know the name of any tool like this but I found ONE AND ONLY ONE distro that has this built in. It is PCLinuxOS. As far as wifi networks are concerned then PCLinuxOS is the very best distro to use. It has lots of wifi tools to make using your computer easy.

It also comes with support for MP3, WMV, AVI and other multimedia playback. Imagine that! You could actually listen to podcasts and watch videos on YouTube and whatever. Wouldn't that be nice? Well I can tell you IT IS NICE!!! Since I started using PCLinuxOS I feel like my computer is MINE. I can do what I want to do with it. It's great!!!

So forget Red Hat and SuSE. Their developers have taken a sanctimonious attitude toward the ways that they will allow you to use your computer, very like Microsoft. Use PCLinuxOS. You'll be glad that you made that decision. Guaranteed. :)

rlee923 01-16-2007 08:31 AM

Thanks for the reply, well at least I know that I need a separate driver for the enc key. (doh!)
I was wondering why I could not connect to my own one.

Just wondering, is PCLinuxOS easy to install?

I am a total noob with linux so I either need a step by step guide for installation or really easy installation like Fedora Core.

Anyway Happy New Year to you and all the best!


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