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slask73 09-17-2005 05:12 PM

valknut and Linksys wrt 54g router problem
Running SuSe 10.0 rc1 I have a persistant problem getting valknut dc client to perform properly. I have switched off both router and suse firewall. Portforwarding ports 9172 to 9176 to the correct machine. I can search perfectly in both active and passive mode, but in neither modes anything actually starts to download....

I`ve read all about the subject I can lay my hands on, and am doing everything right as far as I can see. Any ideas ??

kenneth, Norway

mystical_reality 10-09-2005 05:44 AM

I'm having exactly the same problem using Mandrake 10.1 Official, with a D-Link DI-614+ router. Are you using active or passive mode in Valknut?

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