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oiper 07-25-2004 03:32 AM

Suse 9.1 wlan-ctl-ng wlan-cfg-DEFAULT
Hi. I've just installed Suse 9.1 on a Vaio laptop and need help getting a card working properly. I can make it work with the YaST setup tool, and get connected fine, but I need to have the machine automatically connect to ANY availible connection. To be more specific, this laptop is my dad's and he travels for a living. I've used wlan-ctl-ng's config files to set up what I want, but it's not doing anything. Not even with the card unconfigured from YaST and with wland running. How can I get the wlan-ctl stuff to take over? Please, toss any suggestions this way. I've just come home for the weekend to fix this and would like to have it solved before I have to leave. Thanks for any help.

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