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JazzMastaJim 08-18-2004 12:50 PM

SMTP/News Don't Work Wirelessly
After a couple months of false starts, I finally got a wireless card working in my laptop. Now I have one problem: I can't send e-mail or access newsgroups at all when connected to the WLAN at work (my ISP is Mindspring/Earthlink). Both work fine via dial-up, and HTTP always works. Is the problem likely to be:[list=1][*]On the AP/server at work[*]Earthlink/Mindspring not accepting requests routed through the LAN[*]The settings of SuSE Firewall 2, or[*]All of the above/something else?[/list=1]

JazzMastaJim 08-18-2004 10:44 PM

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Hangdog42 08-19-2004 10:24 PM

I would bet that Mindspring is blocking both email and news from outside it's own network. From their standpoint, it makes sense....They don't wan't their servers open to anybody so you have to be coming from a Mindspring IP address to gain access. It could also be your work's firewall that is causing the problem. Most companies block all ports and then open only the ones they absolutely have to use.

In either case, it isn't likely to be a problem you are giong to be able to resolve.

JazzMastaJim 08-20-2004 12:14 AM

Thanks -- I sort of suspected that Mindspring might be the culprit. The lack of access to the news server isn't a big deal, but being unable to handle my e-mail during slack times at work -- which is where I use the wireless LAN -- is a major inconvenience. Unfortunately, I don't have a choice, since we're no longer allowed to use the spare phone lines at work for dial-up access.

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