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glassnominal 08-10-2007 11:16 AM

Sharing Wireless Internet Connection Mandriva winXP
OK, just installed Mandriva on my old dell 733Mhz PIII 383 MB Ram
Have WinXP Home on my newer Dell P D 3Ghz 1G Ram. -With a wireless adapter connecting to my landlords wireless network (no access to it)

Now.. I haven't run Linux since my old dell was my new dell and I had an old IBM running RedHat 7 or something..

What I'd like is this. To share the XP's connection with the Mandriva machine.

Internet < Wireless Adapter < XP < Eth < Mandriva

My ISP only allows DHCP for addressing, is it possible to share the connection?
Known possible issues being:

WinXP acting as server vs Mandriva (I'd prefer XP due to being much faster machine. True or no?)

I think that sums it up. Thanks in Advance

PTrenholme 08-10-2007 01:31 PM

The usual setup is

                                <-> XP
INet <-> Wireless router
                                <-> Mandriva

That is, both system should be able to connect directly and independently to the router, and the router will dynamically assign addresses and DNS settings from its pool of available addresses.

For example, my son has a Qwest router in his house with two desktop PCs and a laptop PC (all running XP). One desktop is hardwired to the router, whilst the other desktop and the laptop use a wireless connection. Each wireless connection is automatically made when the system is powered on.

When I'm at his house, and turn on my Linux laptop, I'm also automatically connected to his network.

(Note: His home network uses WPA2 pass-phrase encryption, so the "automatic" connection part only happens because he and I have "saved" the pass-phrase for the various connection software systems to use when the connection is being established. In the XP system this is "automatically" done when the phrase is first entered. On the Linux system, it's stored in a "wallet" that needs to be opened before the connection software can access it.)

If you really want to use the XP a secondary router, you'll need to purchase equipment (a wireless router with NAT capabilities, an Ethernet card, cables, etc.) to set it up. (This is possible to do, but expansive and, for what you describe, probably pointless.)

One "wrinkle" to all this is that, by default, almost all wireless routers are set up to assign addresses from the 192.168.-.- pool. Any device with an address in that pool can only communicate with the router, but not with any other device connected to the router. In other words, if your neighbor's router uses the default configuration settings, your two systems will be connect to the Internet, but they will not be able to "talk" to each other.

glassnominal 08-10-2007 04:26 PM

True, but I have ethernet cards in both boxes, and if they were both Windows I think I could share my connection to the router without having to buy a $50 card that will add more 2+ Ghz cancer causing rays to my house... Last part toungue in cheek..
But.... since I want to connect my mandriva windows doesn't like it and I tried setting up J- something server on XP, but the simplest hack was shopping.

I vaguely remember DHCP being a block to connecting a LAN on a shared connection, though I think by now there should be a solution beyond buying a router..

anyway I just bought a new Linksys PCI for my Mandriva box and am typing this on it so I guess everythings cool.

Yeah I am impatient. Thanx neway

jabka 11-26-2007 12:01 PM

Iam not sure if i could help but i can try.
since iptables can forward any data between any two given interfaces i guess yo can work like that:
1.Connect the pc with the ethernet to your ISP.

Start a Ad-Hoc connection on that pc (on the Wireless card).
set the a bridge between the two cards (on the same pc).
set an internel ip on the wireless card (

2.on the linux box:
move the card to Ad-Hoc mode.
set an ip as
set the gateway as the

pentode 11-26-2007 01:25 PM

Windows XP Pro (not sure about Home version) has capability for bridge connections that will do what you want. You may need a special crossover Ethernet cable if you want to connect directly from one computer's Ethernet port to the other.

Go into XP's Network Connections section and look for something on creating a bridge. I've used this to do a net install of Debian on an old system. It worked, but seemed a little flaky. Plus, your XP box will always have to be running.

Or... you can buy a wireless router than can work in bridge mode and run it as a client to your landlord's router. Then you can have a wired Ethernet connection from this client router to your two boxes. The ZyCel P-330W is a low-cost option for this. This is probably a better long-term solution - probably get it all for under $50.

glassnominal 11-27-2007 07:40 PM

thanks guys, but I had bought a wireless PCI for the linux box, and I just hooked into the router... so I'm good. Thanks for the ideas tho

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