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Fluxx 11-03-2006 02:01 PM

scripts (kommander and command line) to start wireless devices with wpa/wpa2/wpa-aes
For Slackware based distributions, especially Live systems, I wrote two scripts to start wpa, wpa2 or wpa-aes with a GUI-based configuration tool.

One is started with kommander (wpaGo.kmdr), the other in a terminal (

Both can be started as user or root. The user must be in group wheel with


- kernel modules for your wireless device loaded (ath_pci, ipw2100, ipw2200, ndiswrapper, rt61, rt73)
- needed firmware installed (ipw, ralink)
- wpa_supplicant in /usr/local/sbin/ (compiled for your drivers)

- RaLink chip based devices (RT61 and RT73) do NOT need a wpa_supplicant.conf, you can choose RaLink chip based devices in a seperate window
- for all other devices a wpa_supplicant.conf is created (you will be asked to store it in /etc/, so that an existing wpa_supplicant.conf will NOT be overwritten)
- you can choose to start wpa_supplicant with dhcp or static IP
- all needed informations are stored in /tmp and deleted after starting the wireless device

I am interested in a feedback and in tips to improve these scripts because I am no coder/programmer and no expert.

The scripts work fine in Slackware, Zenwalk and Slackware based Live CDs.

They are destined for Live CDs, because the configuration will not be stored in the running system.

Here they are available:


Fluxx 11-04-2006 05:48 PM

wpaGo version 1.3 available (kommander script)

Changelog 1.3
- Added feature to store configuration for a reboot
- Added feature to restore configuration after reboot
- Fixed some "typos"

Now you can store the configuration in a directory of your choice and reload it after a reboot.

With this feature there are only a few clicks necessary to start your wireless device with WPA/WPA2/WPA-AES.


Fluxx 11-05-2006 03:41 PM

wpaGUI version 1.1 available (terminal-script)

Changelog version 1.1
- Fixed broken dhcp in RaLink section
- Fixed broken essid (added missing "")

Sorry for the mistakes ...


Fluxx 11-06-2006 03:40 PM

wpaGUI version 1.2 available (terminal script)

- Added function to store the configuration in a directory of your choice
- Added function to reload the configuration after a reboot with the stored options
- No changes in existing init-scripts or in /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf

Fluxx. 06-28-2010 03:51 AM


Do you still have the scripts available?
It appears the link you quoted here no longer reachable.



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