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nickleus 04-03-2006 08:51 AM

Problem with minicom send SMS message script
Hi, I can send SMS manually with minicom, no problem, but i was wondering if it was possible to send an automated SMS from the command line. This is what i've come up with:

send at+cmgf=1
send \r\n
send at+cmgs="22225555"
send \r\n
expect >
send hi nick
send \032

this starts up minicom, i get no errors, but no SMS is sent. I've also tried replacing ^D with the following, without luck:


what i would really want, is to be able to pass command line parameters for the phone number 22225555 and the message hi nick and have minicom not startup either, just execute the command. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance =)


Mr_C 04-05-2006 12:41 AM

how did you do it via minicom?

nickleus 04-05-2006 06:25 AM

Here's my description of how i did it with minicom:

It's in Norwegian, but i'm sure you'll get the gist of it...

farock 06-25-2009 05:47 AM

try \ before quotes

send at+cmgs=\"22225555\"

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