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isohump 09-13-2009 01:52 PM

no wireless extension
Hi ive been going around googling for 3 weeks now trying to find a solution and ive had it. im just gonna ask the question that everyone wants answered.

first of all i have a ar5007 wireless card and i need help pointing me in the right direction when i run


i get no wireless extension

so is it that i need the ath5k driver and if i do i have no clue how to install make the directory for it.pretty much i would apperciate it if u tell me what to do.

i have donwloaded that driver 50 million times now and tryin different method that are posted online and non of them worked so please please help.

Hangdog42 09-14-2009 07:21 AM

Welcome to LQ!

Could yo post the exact error you're seeing? If it is what I think it is, either some software hasn't been installed or the kernel hasn't been configures correctly. Also knowing what distro you're using would help.

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