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mpapet 11-18-2003 10:56 PM

Newbie's slackware 9.0 and wlan problems

I've got a linksys wpc11 and slackware 9 kernel 2.4.22 (distributed as vector linux os) for my laptop that doesn't connect to the Internet. This is what I've got.

1. Pcmcia-cs is a module that works great with wired lan pcmcia card. DHCP does it's thing and connects to wired networks using eth0 as the interface.

2. Insert wpc11 v3 card. Get beep beep. Not beep-boop. Card is given eth0. If I try to configure wlan0 or eth1 neither interface exists. Cardctl shows the right card information.

3. Installed wireless tools. I can configure the card to connect to my AP (connected to cable modem) just fine. I can even ping the AP and get a response. But no connection to the Internet.

4. Attempted to setup linux-wlan-ng. It gives me an error during make all. I've found a few different setup how-to's on the Internet that all talk about recompiling the kernel and PCMCIA. I'd rather buy a new card.

If some of the information seems out of place, I'm new at Linux. I'm really excited about this Linux stuff and Vector Linux in particular because it is very fast and does absolutely everything I need without having to worry about viruses and I can hack it.

Best regards,

jcookeman 11-19-2003 06:56 AM

When you configure the card are you using DHCP or setting the IP manually? Did you set the router as the default gateway and set DNS server settings?

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