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metallica1973 12-08-2006 11:16 AM

Netgear WG511T, Xsupplicant and FreeRADIUS(EAP-PEAP)
I have been wrestling around with wpa_supplicant, freeRADIUS and my Netgear WG511T. So I decided to install xsupplicant and attempt to connect using EAP-PEAP. I have had the same problem connecting to freeRADIUS in that I cannot.

Here is my xupplicant.conf

PHP Code:

network_list ZOR
= /var/log/xsupplicant.log

allow_types eap_peap
-peap {
#  inner_id = dabeast
      # As in tls, define either a root certificate or a directory
      # containing root certificates. If the path contains spaces, or unusual
      # characters, enclose it in quotes.
root_cert = /etc/certs/cacert.pem
#  root_dir = "/etc/certs/"
      #crl_dir = /usr/bin/
chunk_size 1398
= /dev/urandom      
#cncheck =          # Verify the server certificate
                                             # has this value in it's CN field.
      #cnexact = yes                          # Should it be an exact match?
session_resume yes

#Currently 'all' is just mschapv2 
      #If no allow_types is defined, all is assumed
allow_types eap_mschapv2 # where all = MSCHAPv2, MD5, OTP, GTC, SIM
      #allow_types = eap_mschapv2

eap-mschapv2 {
#    ntpwdhash = E653E6452753C97E46792567DFF599B6
username dabeast

Could it be something with the madwifi driver and EAP-PEAP authentication. I have played around with this for months. I know that freeRADIUS is setup ok because I have two windows machines that work. Linux is a piece of garbage when it comes to WPA. Can anybody steer me in the right direction. Should I try another card and a setup drivers?

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