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esteeven 12-22-2004 02:44 PM

ndiswrapper - driver present:harware present but no connection
I have an Asus WL-107g which has the RT2500 driver. My ndiswrapper install has gone smoothly and ndiswrapper -l gives :
Installed ndis drivers:
rt2500 driver present, hardware present
so it seems to be working but I am lost as to how to proceed. modprobe ndiswrapper gives no errors. On my other laptop, dhclient wlan0 connects to the network but there are lights on the network card before I do that. My rt2500 has no lights showing - though the "act" lights up on insertion.
What is a man to do??
Thanks in advance.

whjones 12-24-2004 07:12 PM

you'll need to bring up the network, ie.,

ifconfig wlan0 up

you can also try:

iwlist wlan0 scan

to see which, if any, networks your wireless card can "see". The procedure doesn't stop after the modprobe step. Check the Wiki (do a Google for 'ndiswrapper' and it should be the first hit) and follow the instructions step for step and you should have no problems, especially after getting everything installed correctly.

William Jones

esteeven 12-26-2004 05:06 PM

thanks whjones ---- good points but I started to suspect hardware problems so I added a rt8180 card and, after a reboot, it worked like a dream. Using it now. I have no idea why the reboot was needed but I did one and voila. Here I am.

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