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Mobsterkid 08-09-2004 04:23 PM

Linux Source Tree on Mandrake Linux v10
Hello, i'll try this again and not accidentally add in a URL and lose it all..(wasn't too happy about that). So ANYWAY, down to business... I am attempting to get my D-Link DWL-122 Wireless Adapter to work while using Mandrake Linux v10. I was using the direction on (that was the URL i had in last time) and i got everything goin good until it asks for the Linux Source Tree location and it says /usr/src/linux is the default but that dosnt' work when i try it.. if anyone could help me solve this little issue so i can get on the internet i would greatly appreciate it.. Thank you!

Hangdog42 08-09-2004 05:43 PM

Welcome to LQ!

It could be one of two things. First, you may not have installed the kernel source when you installed Mandrake. Most distro's don't install the kernel source by default, so you either need to go back to your CDs and find it or download it from Mandrake. Be sure that the source code you install matches your kernel version. The second possibility is that you did install your kernel source code, but a soft link wasn't made. Jump into your /usr/src directory and see if there is a directory called linux-VersionNumber (or something like that). If there is, then you can create a soft link with the ln command:

ln -s linux-VersionNumber linux

Once you've done that, if you run ls -l, you'll see a link named linux now pointing to your linux-VersionNumber directory

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