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uk-r|Stryker 12-08-2004 12:01 PM

Linux noob needing help setting up Netgear WG121 on Fedora Core 3
I've just installed Fedora Core 3 on my third HDD because I want to start learning Linux and hopefully port from XP, once I get comfortable with it.

However the system doesn't recognise my wireless USB Netgear WG121 adapter and even though I have read the threads about how to do it, I'm still stumped. I've seen a few things about recompiling the kernel and do this and that and little of it makes any sense to me as a complete Linux noob.

Could someone be so kind as to write out a step-by-step idiot's guide to setting up my WG121 on FC3? And I really mean step-by-step AND idiot's guide :p

Keep in mind I know very very little about Linux, so the more any how-to is dumbed down, the better. See this as your contribution to reducing the number of XP users :)


snecklifter 12-08-2004 04:33 PM

Hi uk-r|Stryker,

I dont have the time to write a step by step newbie guide but I'll get you started. The key to getting connected is your card's chipset. Now this little baby has a prism GT and, as luck would have it, some kind souls have written a bespoke piece of kit that will get you up and running. This link:

is the beginning. Theres some documentation and such. Basically go ahead and when you get stuck, post back. If you know little about linux then the rute guide is a top notch place to start. Hope this helps,

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