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TheOne...More 01-10-2013 10:01 AM

linux compatible pci/usb network wireless adapters?????
hi, i'm trying to make an home wireless lan. and i have two ubuntu machines. wireless hardware is available where i live but i don't know which wireless adapter models will work with either of them.

i'm stuck with either usb or pci formfactors, as i don't have other slots on either mobos.

i have checked on this site and this site but i'm not yet sure and i need feedback whether i missed something, or if there were other lists of compatible wireless nics/usb adaptors with linux.

where can i find an exhaustive list of linux compatible wireless hardware?

edit; are there any tp-link pci nics/usb adapters compatible with linux??

please help!!

thanks alot.

otoomet 01-11-2013 12:10 AM

Installed a PCI wifi card (11g) about a year ago (can tell the model this evening). Did a little bit research then, and seems like most of the stuff available was supported.

I do not think there is anything like an exhaustive list available (models change too quickly). I would recommend you to look at a few models you might consider, and then ask/research if they work.

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