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aover25 11-07-2004 12:50 PM

Linksys WPC11 version 4
okay, i am seriously new to linux. I downloaded xandros, and installing it went very smoothly. When it came time to install my wireless card, I have had nothing but trouble. Apparently, the WPC11 version 4 does not work with linux b/c of the chipset, so to get it to work, i need to download ndiswrapper, and the XP driver for Realtek. I downloaded both items, then transfered them via floppy to linux. Heres where the problems begin, i have tried to unpack the files with tar, however i am not sure how to do this, or where to put them. I am not sure if i should be in the console, or file manager or whatnot. I am not even sure where to input commands...or what the commands might be

the two files on linux are:


I did a cardctl ident and that is:

Socket 0:
product infor: "Realtek", "RTl8139"
manfid: 0x000, 0x024c
function: 6 (network)


planetes 11-07-2004 02:36 PM

Re: Linksys WPC11 version 4

Originally posted by aover25


Did you by any chance download them with windows? the tar.tar file should be tar.gz but IE commonly screws up the extensions..

The command to expand a .tar.gz (or .tgz) file is "tar zxpvf filename.tar.gz" where filename.tar.gz is the actual name

this will expand the file as a subdirectory of the current one.. just put the archive in the directory where you want it and then run the command.. Change to the directory it creates and run "make" followed by "make install" or just run "make install" (in most cases it'll automatically make as part of the install)

Hope this helps..

aover25 11-07-2004 02:40 PM

yes, that helps a lot, however i did download the files with there anyway to fix the files?

snecklifter 11-07-2004 03:39 PM

Yup. The files should be fine, its just the naming of them thats gone screwy. So just rename them to <whatever>.tar.gz instead of <whatever>.tar.tar

Do this and the rest of the work in linux.
Does that help?

DoubleR7 02-12-2006 02:13 PM

i'm in the same boat he's in, maybe a little worse. i have an old toshiba laptop which i just reformatted to FC4. unfortunatly, this laptop doesn't have a built in ethernet port, and the only networking device i have for it is the infamous WPC11 v.4.

i'm a 4 day old linux user, so i don't even know how to install things. i did manage to d/l both the realtek linux driver and ndiswrapper(on another pc and xfer them), but i'm stuck at that point.

Freezy 02-12-2006 10:01 PM

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