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funkymunky 03-11-2007 06:22 AM

keep getting disconnected, keep having to invoke dhclient

Im running Fedora Core 6 on my AMD64 laptop, which has the notorious Broadcome 4318 wireless card. Im using ndiswrapper to get the card going.

1) How do i configure Linux to automatically logon to a wireless network? Right now, ive setup "Wireless Networks" in KDE->Control Center to logon automatically to my univ's unsecured network, which proceeds fine. ive also filled in my home network's essid and key in an alternate config here, but linux does not seem to be able to connect to that../sbin/iwconfig eth1 shows im connected to my home network, but doesnt show the key, and i cant access the net.

2)so what i do is /sbin/iwconfig essid <mynet> key <mykey>, followed by /sbin/dhclient
this works, and i can access the Internet. But as soon as i close the console window, or restart firefox, im unable to access the net only works when i do /sbin/dhclient -r and then /sbin/dhclient again..and this behaviour is repeated if i close my browser or konsole again.
Also, i noticed once that i had ssh'd to my univ's server, and had restarted my browser, so that i could'nt open any webpage through the browser..but i had still connected to my univ's server...but as soon as i logged out of the server and tried to relogin, i got a "Temporary failure in name resolution"..and firefox says "cannot open web page" after a while (And all this while, gaim remained connected..whats going on :( )

Your help is really appreciated, thanks in advance..

Lenard 04-01-2007 10:36 AM

You can try this, create a file in your home/bin directory called something like home which looks something like;

/sbin/ifdown wlan0
/sbin/iwconfig wlan0 essid <mynet> key <mykey>
/sbin/dhclient wlan0
exit 0

After saving the file make it executable; chmod u+x home

Your /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-wlan0 file should look something like;


If desired you can do something similar (a bin/school file) for university's unsecured network, then all you need to do is call the file wanted. Since you said KDE you can create a link on the desktop to each of the two files (if desired).

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