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motovoi 10-10-2004 11:42 AM

Intel PRO 2200BG doesn't turn on
Hello there,

I've been losing my time trying to set my wireless working properly in Linux Mandrake 10.1 Community distribution.

I had a lot of problems but after looking around forums I solve most of them.
Actualy I'm using my wireless to post this message.

I still have a wierd problem. Linux can't start the wireless hardware, it hangs.
I have to logon in WinXP so it will start the hardware and the wireless power turns on, the light turns on, and then I restart and enter Linux.
It's the only way I have to put this one to work.

I discover this issue when I try to modprobe ipw2200 driver the system simply hangs.
I started WinXP, looked around some forums to know what happened and then when I came back to Linux it was working misteriously.

Does anyone knows why Linux is not able to turn on my wireless hardware?

I've a Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG.

Thanks in advance,


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