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Looby86 09-08-2006 03:07 PM

intel centrino duo in an advent laptop 3495
Hi everybody im new to this and an absolute bimbo when it comes to computers all this technical talk has thrown me! please somebody help in simple language because im going insane trying to get this to work!
i have an advent laptop with intel centrino duo on it (3495 or something) which is meant to just connect to our wireless network which works with my dads computer which has a usb thing, and my bros laptop which has sempron in it. but my centrino says its connected but then says it was limited/no connectivity! i want to have a word with whoever created that message! anyway, it seems to be saying the ip address is wrong or soemthing altho ive typed in our encryption key, it used to work on my old laptop with the usb thing. i really am at the end of my tether with this because im off to france in a week to work and will really need the wireless to work!
please somebody take pity on me i know itll probably be frustrating having to talk in simple terms! ive been reading about centrino and everywhere says its rubbish and i should get one of those card things but that kinda defeats the object of it being integrated! and why couldnt somebody have told me beforehand that it was rubbish??
hoping for help,

pda_h4x0r 09-09-2006 01:44 AM

First, calm down. I have the same chipset, and I can tell you that it is possible, even easy, to get it to work in Linux.

Second, which distro of Linux are you using? That will help us determine which package you should get, and how to go about installing it.

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