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drewboo127 10-31-2005 08:29 PM

Intel 2100 Pro Wireless - RHEL4

Can anyone tell me how to get my intel pro wireless 2110 wireless card to work with rhel 4? My card shows up on the list when i try to install it but it does not work? Any help?

PureCoffee 11-01-2005 09:05 AM

IPW 2100
You may be able to find some information out there on I think it may also depend upon the version of the card. For example, I have a IWP 2100 3A and there is NO support for it. I went to Intel's site as well and NOTHING.

On the other hand, I took a Cisco 350 Wireless Card stuck it in and installed Mandrake and bingo.. works like a champ.

I am a serious newbie to Linux and have tried 3 different Distributions; Mandrake Limited Edition 2005; Ubuntu, and Fedora Core 4. For Wireless Support Mandrake and Ubuntu provided the best "up and running" from install.

Any hew, I hope I helped.


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