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Completely Clueless 04-13-2008 08:36 AM

THanks, I'll certainly take a look at what she's done.


tredegar 04-13-2008 08:49 AM

I already emailed her. This was her reply:


You know being that I'm not the "natural hacker" type....I sometimes do not
remember what I did....or if I did, I sometimes am not able to explain it
very well. However, I did do a livejournal post after I got it working

I do remember that it was not ndiswrapper that was the problem, rather the
driver. If I did not download that driver for my chipset (which
honestly...I had a tough time figuring out which one it was) would have
never worked.

Maybe that's the problem?

Oh I was using Feisty Fawn.
"Feisty Fawn" is kubuntu 7.04, but 7.10 should be OK too.
It was the correct windows driver that she needed to download, there's a link to it from her site. Then she had to use that driver by wrapping it up with ndiswrapper. So, if she made it work, so can you!

Completely Clueless 04-14-2008 08:35 AM


Okay, well she's obviously inuitively better at these things than I am. I've noticed that from time to time with some people who have no formal qualifications but just a remarkable natural flair for getting things working (not saying misniceness is unqualified as I know nothing whatever about her, but it's just an observation that suddenly came to mind).

I think perhaps a better solution at this stage is to swap systems between laptops. I'll migrate my Windows system and data to the new laptop from the old one and install Linux in its place. (I KNOW Suse 10.3 installs on my old machine, which is a good sign). Maybe down the road aways I'll swap back once the newer hardware enjoys better Linux support...

Thanks again,


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