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enemorales 11-22-2004 05:39 AM

How to set WEP key automattically?

I've an access point using WEP and every time I run linux I have to login as root and use iwconfig for provifind the HeXKey. How could I do it automatically in every startup?

Another issue: sometimes the card is not properly configured at startup (it is a IPW2100). Is there is a way to do it afterwards? My only solution for this, up to the moment, is reboot and hope that it will be detected properly...

Maybe it matters: I'm ussing Knoppix 3.4.

Thank you very much in advance...

snecklifter 11-22-2004 01:20 PM

Hello enemorales,

My knowledge of Knoppix is limited but I would say you have two options. You can either write a script file which configures your centrino chip at boot however to do this you would have to path it to the hard drive or usb flash driver oe something. Or as I recall you can modify and re-burn some linux live distros with your config information. I'm not sure whether Knoppix has this facility. As for writing the script file you will need to research this further as I'm not experienced enough in this department to give you good info on this.

enemorales 11-24-2004 02:03 PM


Thanks for the tip. I was able to write the script and make it run on startup. On the other hand it sound interesting to learn how to manipulate Knoppix and then create my own live CD, so if something very bad happens I can reinstall and have it customized. I'll take a look on it.

Thank you again!

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