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Lopes_sma 07-01-2007 09:36 AM

How to install and configure ZD1211B chip based usb wifi stick?
Hi there guys.
Recently I installed Fedora 7 on one of my disks but I'm having a lot of dificulties installing my wireless network stick (with the chip ZyDAS 1211B)

My manufacturer doesn't have Linux drivers for model WL-685Z
So i searched and got to

I already downloaded the tar driver for the desktop but i don't don't know exactly what to do to install it.
I wondered through Linux and i found that the zd1211 drivers were included on Fedora 7 but when I tried to configure a new wireless card mine wasn't there.
Again i searched and got one post with some steps:

ZD1211 - linux driver for ZyDAS ZD1211 based usb 2.0 wlan adapters


- Kernel 2.4.x. I am developing the driver on 2.4.24, but it
reportedly also works on 2.4.x. If your kernels version is less than
2.4.22 (for example Red Hat 9.0 is 2.4.20-8), suggest to upgrade kernel
for better support on USB 2.0.

- Kernel 2.6.x. This driver has been verify on 2.6.6 and 2.6.7.

- To build zd1211 you will need: Configured kernel source code for the
kernel you are running. Ideally, Configured means that you have at
least run 'make config', 'make menuconfig', or 'make xconfig'. If your
platform is not SMP system, please don't config SMP supported, because
when module loaded, this will make unresolved symbol..

- Make sure your kernel usb 2.0 support is running
- Use lsmod to check "ehci-hcd" module is loaded.
- If host is not support usb 2.0, zd1211 will run under pure-b mode.

Building zd1211:

1) untar the package using the command:
tar zxvf zd1211-XXXX.tar.gz

2) edit the Makefile to make sure the path of KERNEL_SOURCE is your
are running, and the kernel version is correctly configure.

3) Under zd1211-XXXX/zdsta directory, use "make clean", "make", "make install"
to make and install driver.

But when I typed the first command it returned it was unkown?!?!?
What do i have to do to install and confgure it to my wpa tkip network or any open network??

I foud out there's also a NetworkManager program for linux do I need it to use my usb ZD1211B stick?

Please explain everything so i can follow it step by step because i'm a newbie and a total noob with Linux... :confused:

Hope you can help me because I'm totally in the dark!!
Thanks :newbie:

tredegar 07-01-2007 11:08 AM

Welcome to LQ!
Was the wireless stick plugged in when you installed F7? If it was, then it was likely to have been found and configured during your installation.
Meanwhile, I don't think you need to compile the zd1211 module, it is probably already on your system, just waiting to be summoned and used. It certainly is on mine (kubuntu 6.06.1) but I am not using it.

In a terminal window, as root, try lsmod

Is the module listed? If it is listed, it is already installed and in use.

If not (as root) try modprobe zd1211 which will fire up the module and any others it depends on.

Then try to configure your wireless connection using the tools F7 provides, I haven't used Fedora, so I can't help you much here.

Lopes_sma 07-01-2007 09:40 PM

Solved. Very simple...
Problem solved.
I updated my Fedora 7 and restarted with the stick pluged in.

Automatically i started seeing wireless networks

Thanks although

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