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steve1401 07-06-2004 02:09 PM

Debian testing (sarge) - wireless on dell i8200 laptop

I have just installed Debian testing on my Dell i8200 laptop.

I have the 2.6 kernel running, and the kernel source is compiled with PCMCIA, and a whole host of wireless stuff as modules (prism, orinoco etc)

When the computer boots, it doesn't appear to recognise my PCMCIA 3COM 11g card (Prism54 I believe?).

How do I go about setting up the wireless card? Knoppix CD finds it ok, I just have to run wlcardconfig, enter my settings and I am away, so I know the card is configurable somehow.

Any advise appreciated. Do I need to post more details?


steve1401 07-08-2004 02:48 AM


If I do a lspci, the Prism54, and pcmcia drivers are all listed... I have installed the wireless-tools...

I can't get iwconfig to pick up the card!!

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