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yoonsangkyun 03-28-2005 04:53 PM

Debian Sarge Wired & Wireless Network configuration

I just installed Debian Sarge and for a few days my wired Lan card was configured as eth0 and was working perfectly. however,I installed IPW2100 (wireless driver for intel 2100 802.11b) and it also set the wireless as eth0.

So I deleted both of them from "Networking" and tried to set them as eth0 and eth1. But the problem is that even though I set them up in "Networking", they seem to be differ every time I boot the machine. Sometimes wireless becomes eth2 and wired becomes eth0, and sometimes eth1 and eth2.

So I have to configure them each time I boot.

I tried to insert the below in /etc/network/interfaces

ifconfig eth0 hw ether WIRED MAC
ifconfig eth1 hw ether WIRELESS MAC

but it does not work either.

any suggestion to have them fixed?


mrGenixus 03-28-2005 04:56 PM

Are you plugging in any other ethernet devices into the machine, or adding them to them to the machine after boot.

( I assume this is a laptop? if so what is the model? )

yoonsangkyun 03-28-2005 08:59 PM

Thanks for the reply~~

It is a Samsung Q20 laptop which has the same spec as Dell X300. Wired is a intel pro lan and Wireless is a intel mini pci 2100b (centrino).

And I do not have any other ethernet or communication devices other than these two.

I assumed this happened because these two devices are in collision in its configuration, but I am not certain since I am a real newbie in Linux (its has been a few days).

I am currently looking for a network device configuration file that initializes the device in Debian Sarge so that I can manually specify eth0 and eth1 using its MAC address.



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