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Haz2a 03-13-2007 11:33 AM

Copying Large File via SSH/SFTP over WiFi link Always Stalls and Freezes Host
SSH Host 'PC-A' runs Xubuntu 6.10 (2.6.17-11-generic) with gnome-core v1:2.14.2, openssh-server v1:4.3p2, and connects via WiFi with WPA-PSK (no rekeying).
It has a 1.4GB image file on it that I want to copy to 'PC-B'.
PC-B runs Ubuntu 6.06 LTS and has a cable LAN connection.

How ever I try to download this file from PC-A to PC-B the download always stalls:-
a) via Gnome > Places > Connect to Server > SSH etc - usually after about 200MB
b) via SFTP from Gnome Terminal - usually after abt 1000MB
c) via SFTP from console - usually after abt 900MB
Every time, it causes Gnome to freeze on the ssh host PC-A, both keyboard and mouse, and it is then unreachable on the network so I have to reset the PC.

BUT CABLE IS OK. If I switch PC-A to cable, I can download the whole file without problem.

PC-A uses a Buffalo WLI2-PCI-G54S adapter with ndiswrapper and the bcmwl5 driver. It seems to work fine otherwise eg: Firefox, Thunderbird, Gnome Terminal via SSH (other than this download). iwconfig shows 100% link quality.

Any ideas anyone?

MQMan 03-16-2007 03:35 PM

Maybe an issue with the driver.

I had a similar thing happen with a wired card once. It worked fine for "regular" traffic, but locked up solid under heavy load. By a process of elimination, and moving components between different OSes, I proved it was the Linux driver at fault. But, the maintainer refused to believe that.


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