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natalinasmpf 01-25-2005 11:50 AM

Choosing a wireless card that's right for Linux
I might actually get a laptop with a wireless card soon. Because I of course prefer Linux to be on it, and I know that 802.11 has a lot of problems before, I am now asking for advice on how to choose, and then when choosing, how to troubleshoot any possible problems.

What kernel should I use? Can I use the latest 2.6.x, or is there something I should stick to? How should I set it up? And most importantly, which company, and which card is the best? Or which notebook/laptop should I look out for, especially built for Linux capability?

There's also a new type of card that seems to receive signals up to 20 kilometres away, instead of the WiFi 1000 feet, what about those? I know those are ISP-specific, however.

(I know there are a lot of threads on wireless cards, but see, I don't actually know which laptop and set of wireless card I am getting yet, so I am asking the forum here before I take any drastic steps).

EDIT: eek, wrong forum. Haven't posted a thread for a while, can somebody move this?

lacerto 01-26-2005 08:31 AM


My knowledge is small in this area, but the prism54 driver is now integrated into the kernel, and included in most distros - so if you get one of these cards
it should work out of the box.


Mara 01-27-2005 05:18 PM

Moved. This forum is much better for your question.

Next time if you want a thread moved, please report it.

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