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m2stian 11-26-2004 03:37 PM

Can't get wifi to work

I have a turemobile 1180 usb wifi card. I have downloaded wireless tools 27, windowsdrivers and ndiswrapper.

I have installed everything and done everything in this guide

But I still can't find my wifi card.

When I type iwconfig only my ethernet card comes up.

No wlan0 appears.

In the etc/ndiswrapper/ the drivers are all there.

What do I have to do to make it work.

Hope someone can help me.

Thank You all in advance.

level 11-26-2004 04:16 PM

The newer versions of your card use the Broadcom chip and the earlier versions can use the wlan-ng driver. Do you know which version you have?

What error messages are you getting and what distribution are you using?

The more information you provide the better.

m2stian 11-26-2004 04:45 PM

I'm running fedora core 3. I bought my computer for about 10 months ago , but I don't know what chip my card uses.

If I try to activate the ndiswrapper in network configuration i get the following error:

ndiswrapper does not seem to be present, delaying initialization.

m2stian 11-26-2004 05:10 PM

I think it has a prism chip not broadcom. what do I do now?

level 11-27-2004 08:32 AM

I've never used Fedora Core, but if it has support for the wlan-ng driver you can use that driver with your card, as long as it doesn't have the broadcom chip.

snecklifter 11-27-2004 02:53 PM

From ndiswrapper card wiki:

Card: Dell Truemobile 1800 minipci 802.11b
Chipset: Broadcom BCM4301
pciid: 14e4:4301 (rev 02)
Other: drivers supplied by DELL wont work, so use the one from link above.(inside archive choose bcmwl5a.inf) Works with WEP, SSID hidden, tested on Knoppix 3.6, ndiswrapper 0.8

So you know its a broadcom - make sure you're using the driver listed above.

m2stian 11-27-2004 04:12 PM

Thank you all.

I change to a 3com usb card and it work.

Only problem is that I have to activate it in network settings everytime I restart my computer. Is there any way I can activate it in boot?

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