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Haon 02-21-2004 01:35 AM

Bring 'up' wlan0
Installed the new wlan0 driver for my 2.5 WUSB11 linksys adapter. It comes up in ifconfig -a but not ifconfig. I need to figure out how to bring it 'up' as -a shows up or down interfaces but it doesnt show up regularly. Im running mandrake 9.2. I tried the ifconfig wlan0 up command which returned no such device. All help appreciated :)

beyer42 02-21-2004 05:29 PM

See if you can do iwconfig to see if iwconfig lists wlan0, if so then try setting the wireless parameters for wlan0 using iwconfig.

try lsmod -a to see if the drivers are loaded, if not use modprobe -v <module> to load the module.

Also try ifup wlan0

Also try checking network settings for wlan0 under /etc/sysconfig

check dmesg output to see if driver is being loaded and if any errors/problems.

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