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bobmcobob 09-16-2004 12:08 PM

Bridging a wired network to a wifi network
The topic isnt exactly what i want to do but i couldnt think how else to phrase it.
This is my setup,

I have a 192.168.1.* Wired network with one or two Wifi laptops connecting in.

What i want to be able to do, is add my Xbox and another PC (linux, kernal 2.4.?) to the network but i am unable to physically wire them into the network. Not a problem for the pc as i can buy a wifi card i understand. But i cant get a wifi card for my xbox (they exist but not easily available).

So could i connect my xbox to the linux pc over a crossover cable and have it bridge the traffic from the xbox to the main network via the wifi card?
The xbox doesnt have to be on a seperate network but if it has to thats not a problem, it would be nice if it could somehow get its own DHCP lease of the wireless router, but its not essential.

Any help on this would be great, Links to resources/howto's would be great.


cyclocommuter 09-16-2004 07:07 PM

Here is what in my opinion is a simpler solution. All you need is to get a wireless bridge and a switch (or hub).

The wireless bridge can be setup so it connects to a switch (or hub) instead of a PC. In my Linksys WET11, there is a swith on the bridge that lets you do this.

Once the wireless bridge is setup (can be accomplished by using the browser), you can then simply plug in your XBox or Linux PC to the switch (or hub) attached to it.

If your wireless router's DHCP is enabled, your XBox and Linux PC will automatically be given ip addresses.

In effect, the wireless bridge "bridged" your two wired networks together (the first one your PC linked to your wireless router and the second one your XBox and Linux PC attached to the switch which in turn is connected to the wireless bridge).

73gavin 07-18-2008 07:36 PM

With your linux up and running as a client fine, try:

ifconfig eth0
ifconfig wlan0
brctl addbr br-lan
brctl addif br-lan wlan0
brctl addif br-lan eth0
dhclient br-lan

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